Baking Cakes!

Tall and short Cakes and... Chocolate or Vanilla Cakes.
By :Carey Don

chocolate cake slices vs vanilla cake slices.

Mmm What is That Smell?

Do you know what is iced and yummy... it is cakes. Did you know if you bake a cake you will eat it that minute? In my paper I am going to tell you all about cakes!

Mmmm Baking Cakes

Baking cakes are really fun to make. Cakes can be all different sizes and shapes but most people like icing on their cakes, but some people do not like icing on their cakes so they do not put it on their cakes. When cakes come from all different places the icing will be really sweet or really strong so they might like icing from all over the world to put on their cake.

Suffed Mouth or Not?

Stuffed cakes are also really good, but only 35% of Americans like stuffed cakes, most people like icing on their cakes. I know I do. Cakes are very yummy but some times when they come from all over the world they are not that really good.

Cocco or Vanilla?

While i was on the internet i found that chocolate and vanilla cake are tide 50% to 50% so when cakes are made they are rich and smooth from the tip of your tongue to the end of your belly.

No The Cake is Going to Fall.

You should always bake a staked cake in a cold room because otherwise the cake fall or melt if it has chocolate or vanilla icing on it. So always bake a stacked cake in a cold room or take a chance and let your cake fall but it would be a waste. SO DONT LET THE CAKE FALLLLLLLL.

Plop or Not Don't let the Cake Fall!!!

You need a lot of materials to bake a cake like circle pans, baking sheets, whisk, and many more baking dishes. The number one item you will need is a holder that holds the cake up like skewers or some kind of holder to protect the cake.

So Have Fun Baking a Cake.

So when your baking your cake make sure you do not add to much sugar to your cake because you will get really sick and it has to many calories so check and see how much to put in your cake have fun baking a fantastic stacked or not stacked cake!!!!!!! Yum yum cake.

Good Day.

So what do you chose chocolate or vanilla put a comment down bellow what flavor cake you like better and tell me why you like that flavor but to put it strait to you my favorite flavor is chocolate because it has more flavor than vanilla and because it has more richness to it than vanilla.

Chocolate or Vanilla!!!!!!

cake came from here russia. russia is located on the northern part of America