Top 10 differences between FFA & Charly
lindsey sims

1. Ms. Kinnian ended up falling in love with Charly.

2. Ms. Kinnian gave Charly the Rorschach test.

3. Charly tried getting with Ms. Kinnean after he stalked her for days.

4. Charly helped pick up the cups that the waiter dropped instead of yelling at them.

5. Charly worked at A bakery in the movie and a factory in the book.

6. Ms. Kinnian and Charly talked about marriage a lot in the movie.

7. He wrote on his chalk board.

8. He rode his motorcycle in the middle of nowhere in the movie.

9. Dr. Strauss was a female in the book.

10. The setting in the book was in New York. In the movie it was in Boston.