Benny's text structure

text structure

if you do something wrong on your Chromebook there will be certain consequences. on a scale from one to five. five meaning really bad one being not so bad.1 warning. 2 clip down 3 safe seat 4 getting it taken away 5 loosing all of your privileges.

if you send an inappropriate email you could get your Chromebook taken away, email taken away, or both

Chromebooks are very fragile and can break easily

buy a case or be more gentle

students are easily distracted by the Chromebooks

start to clip people down

G mail is kind of like email. you can send mail to people. if you hit compose (the red button on your left) thats how you start a email. if click recipients that's where you type in who you want to send it to. when you're done you can put emojis on is by clicking the + sign. then go to the smiley face. there are a lot you can chose from some of them move. if you click the camera you can put in a photo. when you're completely done click send but remember once you hit send you can never get it back

i just had the best week ever. first we went canoeing it was awesome. then we went swimming in the lake. after that we went water skiing that was so. fun next we went riding in a boat it was so cool. last we went fishing i caught 5 fish it was amazing.

Chromebooks                                                             iPad

are awesome                                                               not so much

has a keyboards                                                         doesn't have keywords   

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