Aria Hessari

Photography Portfolio

Trees of Green

This was a nature shot I took while driving around my neighborhood. This was actually in the backyard of my neighbor's house and I trespassed to take it. It was worth it.

I Pledge Allegiance...

This was also a nature shot I took, but this time, it was a bit more legal. I got this shot at my local park. #hipster

Personal Space

This was a unique angle I shot a while back with one of my homies. I told him to lay down so I could take a picture of his face upside down. That's a true friend.

Goldy Lox

This gold-headed boy won't eat your soup, but he sure will make a good hipster hair model.

Suicide Silence

This portrait portrays a young boy enjoying the silence of the winds, yet can't silence his own mind from thoughts of ending it all.

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