A Book Creator Tale From My
1:1 iPad Classroom

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"You'll never see that in a math textbook..."

...but could we change that?

Using Book Creator to Author Mathematics

The Freedom to Create

Submitting ePubs Using eBackPack

Uploading Student ePubs to Weebly Provides a Unique URL for Each Book

Sharing Our Books With ThingLink

Viewing Our Books Using iBooks

I blogged about our project.

Book Creator blogged about
our project.

Round 2: What I Did Differently

Student eBooks served as multi-media student-authored study guides for semester exams.

Each book was aligned to a specific learning target.

We were also included in
Sam Gliksman's
"Creating Media for Learning" book!

What started as a novel classroom idea grew to having truly published works!

I wonder what we'll do next...?
I wonder what YOU and YOUR STUDENTS will accomplish with Book Creator...?

Thank You!
Cathy Yenca