What’s not in my score

Partner 1 :Carmela Edwards

FICO Scores Requires a lot of information on your credit report/scores. However what they do not consider is…

  • Your ethnicity,religion,sex. A US law prohibits credit scoring from wanting this information.Which is all under the CCPA consumer credit protection act.
  • Your age. Other companies may consider your age, but FICO does not hold that for accountable.
  • Your salary, where you work,what you do for a living. This is not considered or looked at by FICO, others might though.
  • Location Where you live is not included shouldn't be wanted anywhere having to do with credit scoring.

Partner 2: Cori’na

  • Any of your credit card activity such as your interest rate being charged on your credit card or any other accounts of yours.
  • Any Government assistance programs/help provided by the US government.
  • Any types of inquiries they do not count .Which are“Consumer -initiated “,”Promotional-initiated”,and “Pre-approved” inquiries.
  • Any information that you deciced not to inclued FICO will not consider.
  • Any information predicting the outcome of your future credit history.
  • FICO does not care for credit counselling any kind.

By:Carmela Edwards and Cori'na Toliver

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