For Your Information

May 11-15, 2015

A huge thanks to all for the work you continue to do in your classrooms each day!  May is a fun month filled with end of year celebrations, checklists and timelines!  Remember to have fun with your students and keep the days power packed with engaging activities so children will continue to thrive through that last day before summertime!  If we disengage, they disengage. When we engage with them personally, they engage with us. When I was in the classroom, I was quickly reminded of this every year at this time of year... I would quickly get start all my end of the year checklist items and plan as many things the students could do independently. As quickly as I planned these type of activities, I would just as quickly remeber that these "independent times" needed to be shorter time periods rather than longer chunks of time. For every short period of time I did this, I needed to connect back and actively engage in an activity with my students or I'd be struggling with student behavior all day!! The longer I disengaged, the more they disengaged and that wasn't good for anyone. So, as you go through the next 18 days, keep a balance between wrapping up and checking off the check out items and truly being present and connecting with your students. It will make all the difference in their behaviors and the overall mood of the classroom/students/teacher. Remeber to lean on each other, pull together as teams and work together to plan supports for each other and those students that may need extra connection before they leave for the summer. Often, those students who begin to show challenging behaviors at this time of year are the ones who aren't looking forward to summer. These students are not always the ones that will share these feelings with you or even realize they are having these feelings but their behaviors may appear disrespectful or disengaged. Take time to connect with these students each opening before the behaviors start.  Morning meeting is a great time to connect as a class and individually. Don't forget this powerful 10-15 minutes each morning with students.  Thanks to all!