Paul Bunyan

Melissa Kaye Hicks, Core 4, April 29, 2014

Background information

Paul Bunyan is a 7 foot tall, powerful, giant He is a famous lumbering district for his physical strength. He is so big that his workers had him blow into a tree trunk for the dinner and lunch bell/alert. He cleared North dakota of it's forest and dug Lake Superior. He owned gigantic logging camps. Lastly Paul Bunyan is a symbol of the past.

Questions page: 1077

key ideas and details

1A. According to Sandburg, what is the origin of the Paul Bunyan stories?

The origin of the story is the people , the bookless people. (page 1075)

1B. What does Sandburg mean by saying that some of Paul is "old as the hills, young as the alphabet"?

When Sandburg says "old as the hills,young as the alphabet" i think it means that Paul's stories have been told throughout the years, and they are still telling them today.

2A. Identify two actions that show Paul Bunyan is clever as well as strong.

Page 1076 he kills and out smarts the mosquitoes and he stopped the rain by diving into the lake.

2B. How does these qualities relate to the myth of the heroic character?

It relates into a Myth because they exaggerated how big and what he did like stopping the rain so it can be a Myth.

3A. How does Paul Bunyan stop the rain?

Page 1076 he stopped the rain by diving into lake superior.

3B. What do this anecdote and other details in this selection tell you about life in the midwest in the early nineteenth century?

This tall tale tells me that in the older days they depended on lumberjacks to supply wood for houses and schools and other buildings. Also I learned that most people in the nineteenth century there was a lot of people that had high self-confidence.

integration of knowledge and ideas

4A. Do you think the Paul Bunyan stories might have been based on a real person?

Paul might be based on a real person but exagerated into a tall tale.

4B. What type of person in today's world might inspire this kind of story?

I think a hard worker would inspire this kind of story because Paul was a hard worker.

5A. Why would a lumberjack have been a hero in frontier america?

Lumberjacks where popular back then because they didnt know what else to do but build houses out of wood so they needed lumberjacks to be the hero and get the wood to help the community out.

5B. What qualities does Paul Bunyan share with today's hero's? (connect to the big question: Are yesterday's hero's important today?)

Paul shares qualities with some hero's today. For example, my hero is Benjamin. He shares qualities with Paul in my point of view. He shares that he is the big mocho man that can do anything and everything for someone just to make that person happy.  

Summary of Paul Bunyan

This story Paul Bunyan is a great story. In this tall tale, readers learn all about America's favorite lumberjack. Paul Bunyan was extremely tall and very strong. From a young age, it was clear that Paul was destined to become a famous lumberjack. He made the lake of superior by diving into it to make it stop raining. He went to Austrailia to get bee's to kill the mosquitoes becuase they were biting everyone. Once he came back with the bee's and the bee's mated with the mosquitoes and caused a bigger problem, but no Paul Bunyan still knew what to do. He got them fat and took them down to the Gulf Of Mexico and drowned them.

I think that theme of this story is nothing is imposible mor that dont let anything get in your way. Paul Bunyan he didn't care how far it was or how hard it was he wanted to be the hero and help people out. Paul Bunyan didn't try once and say well thats impossible i tried and it didn't work. He tried and tired until he achieved what his mind was set to. Paul Bunyan set the theme by never giving up and succeeding all of what he puts his mind to. If you want to be that hero make yourself and success at what you put your mind to thats how Paul Bunyan did.

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