The percent of change of professional baseball players from 1999 to 2014

By Matthew Tafoya

Professional baseball players get paid a lot of money every year. Do you think that they get paid a lot of money. Here is the money average of a professional gets paid over the 15 years. Alex Rodriguez made more money in 1999 than 2014.

In 1999 Alex Rodriguez made $30,000,000,.

In 2014 he made $29,000,000.

So, now you can see how much he made in 1999 to 2014

Once you figure the percent of change of what Alex Rodriguez made in 1999 and 2014. Sometimes pros make more money in the past then they do today. Something that occurs with how much they make if they sign on a multi million contract, win a reward, or go to the homerun derby and win it. Also if they get fined there rate of money would go down. If that happens to them then there money rate goes up or goes down. With that kind of rate 3.33% there salary can go up and it can go down, it is all over the place. Once the pros get paid money they are taking money from the state, causing them to lose money.

Here are the sources I used

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