Haiti 2010

An earthquake hit Haiti in January 2010 and was about 10 mile from their capital. The earthquake was the strongest to happen in Haiti in years with a magnitude of 7.0.It happened on the boundary region separating the Caribbean plate and North American plate. About 59 aftershocks happened, most of which were a magnitude of 4.5or greater. There is estimated 20 million cubic meters of rubble. Nearly 10500 houses destroyed and tons more destroyed. 250000 to 300000 thought to be dead. 16 of the dead are Americans. Soon after the earthquake a tsunami swarm hit the coasts of Haiti. There also was an outbreak of cholera. The estimated cost for the damage was about $14 billion. The United States pledged $100 million. Of all that was pledge to Haiti, they received only $824 million. They also received a lot of money from the charities that donated. Since then people have gone without clean water, and 19,000 shelters were built.

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