by; Abby Courvellle.

These are some pictures of what pediatricians use to find out the child's health.     

This a stethoscope, it  is used for listening to the child's heart beat.

This is  just a shot for when the child has the flu or they are trying  to prevent them from getting it.

This is a  tongue depressor, it is used to look down  your throat .

This is an otoscope used to look  inside a child's ear.

What Pediatricians do.

How to become a Pediatrician.   

The Pediatrician initials are PD.

3 duties; a pediatrician has to be able to prescribe medicine, checking vital signs , and give vaccinations.

Interesting fact; being a pediatrician is, not only do you help with ill children but also teach and educate, provide professional consultations and develop youth care programs. Even though they specialize in childcare, a pediatric nurse's responsibilities can cross into other territories regarding health of young patients. For instance, they might create at-home diet and exercise programs for obese children, educate new mothers on breastfeeding techniques or help parents deal with troubled teenagers.

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