The Outsiders Playlist
By: Nicole F, Evelyne D, David D

"Rude"- Magic : Forbidden Love

"Rude" is a song by Magic explaining a forbidden love between two people. Their love is forbidden by the girl's father who refuses to have her marry her true love. This relates to the Outsiders between Cherry and Ponyboy. In the story they are from two different groups and are forbidden to ever become friends because of where they live. The two social group, the Greasers and Socials, don't mix well, but Ponyboy tries to put their differences behind them.

"Home"- Phillip Phillips: Johnny

"Home" by Phillip Phillips relates to Johnny because his life at home isn't very good, but the Greasers always welcome him in. Johnny's dad is always mean to him and hurts him. The Greasers have taken Johnny in as their "kid brother" and made him feel at home. Johnny knows that no matter what happens his gang will always be their for him, and they will always have his back. Johnny knows that he will never be alone when he has the gang by his side.

"Heroes (We Could Be)" - Alesso : Johnny and Ponyboy

"Heroes (We Could Be)" relates to both Johnny and Ponyboy because they risked their lives to save the school kids in the fire. They were both a hero to the kids and their parents. They also represented that not all Greasers are bad, and they are good people at heart. Even though Johnny died, he died with honor, love, and hope. He died a hero!

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