Jonah Crain ACA6 Tech 1

1. People Can Save What Is Said Online

Obviously, people can save what is said online. This leads to a lot of people getting into fights and arguments about who said what etc. This can also lead to stalking, leading into my next point....

2. Don't Be Stalk Worthy

Now, stalking is a big problem for a lot of celebrities, and many people who share there information online. But you think YOU are immune to this? NO. It is a large problem that regular people can have too. How do you avoid this? Well....

3. Don't Show Obvious Signs Of Where You Live, Or Other Personal Information

This is a big problem in both the digital realm and the real world, it leads to stalking, and many other bad things. What REALLY ticks me off is that people don't EVEN KNOW THE CONCEPT OF PERSONAL INFORMATION OR PRIVACY. Another thing,

4. Social Media Is NOT Secure, Even When Set To Private

This is also a big issue. ANYTHING YOU PUT ON ANY SOCIAL MEDIA CAN BE VIEWED BY ANYONE THAT WANTS TO. So don't post stuff you don't want people to see, even when private. Finally,

5. Don't Open Files From People You Don't Know

Don't open attachments on an email, or download things from websites/people you         don't know/don't trust.