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Jonas society !

The Rules in the Society.

The rules and laws are not necessary because most of the rules and laws don't make no type of sense. For example the rule is that you can't pick your own girlfriend or boyfriend the elder in the community pick your mate for you. Also the rules and laws are not fair to all people. Why is because when a child doesn't learn or grow as fast enough as the other kids they get released. Like with a little kid named Gabe. He was about to get released because he wasn't answering questions fast enough as the other children was. When people don't follow rules or the laws they will be released by the guards in the community to another community. Let me give you an example like when the old man got released he was so happy he gave out a speech for the community during the ceremony. Some of the consequences are not fair. One consequences that isn't fair is that when you are little and you misspell a word or pronounced a word wrong you get punished. Another thing is because some kids are born mispronouncing or misspelling words. However, the rules and or the laws cannot be change. The reason is because the community is a perfect community. They said and I quote they made the rules or the laws so no one can get hurt nor sick.

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