The tropical rainforest

Ecology-is th interactin  and reaction with organism with the enviroment

white tigers live in the tropical rain forest and snow  the are very rare

Indiviual-one thing by itself its independent

Population-a large amount of the same species and in the same place

Community-A group of different species and size

a system formed by the interaction of a community of organism with their enviroment

commmensalism-the relation between two different kinds of organism

mutualism-the relation between  two different independent species organism

parasitism-the relation between two different in which one receives damage to it but no fatal damage

This is the fungi kingdom
This is the plantae kingdom multicelluar,eukaryoti, and embryo
This is the animal kingdom eukaryotic,multicelluar,and myxozoa
This is the protista kigngdom single celled, has membrane.and has nucleus

an eagle is a consumer it is also heterotroph

Heterotroph-is an organism that depends on a complex organic substances

Producer-is aorganism that makes its on food by energy

consumer-an organism that eat plants and other  animals

decomposer-an organism or a bacteria or fungus that break down dead insects or animals

A waterfall is a place in the river that water fall downward
Drops of liqiud water that falls from clouds
A volcano is a open or a vent in the earth surface through which molten rock,gas

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