Why were the Merchant Marines important in World War 2?

The Merchant Marines were important because without them, soldiers would not be able to survive. Merchant Marines would bring supplies such as: guns, food, ammunition etc. across the ocean to troops. But the Merchant ships would not have defenses. They needed very brave men to take these roles. These men knew the risks and did it so that their soldiers could survive.

As seen in the video, the Merchant Marines would risk their lives bringing supplies across the ocean. Some ships had sunk but not all. It's important that they all did not sink because we could still get most across and get our supplies to the troops. The Merchant Marines were not even part of the armed forces. They were simply used for transporting goods.


Modern day connection

Today, The United States army still has a Merchant navy. They are still a huge help to their soldiers in Afghanistan and other places in the Middle East. The Merchant Navy still does what they did back in World War 2. They bring supplies over to troops. But now they have academy's where you can learn how to become a Merchant Marine and if you graduate, you earn yourself a spot in the navy.

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