These are the three holy books

Differences between  Judaism, Islam and Christianity.

Judaism , Islam , and Christianity have many differences.  They all have different symbols, holy books , places of worship , spiritual leaders  and different names they call  god or the son of god. The Christian symbol  is the cross.The symbol of Islam is  the moon and the star. The symbol of  Judaism is the Star of David. The Christian holy book is the Bible. The Islam holy book is the Quran. The.The Judaism holy book is the Torah. The Christian place of worship is called a church the place of worship for people who practice Judaism is called a synagogue. The Islam place of worship is called the Mosque.The Christian leader is called a Pastor.The Judaism leader is a Rabbi. The Islam leader is the Imam. The Christians worship Christ And the Father.Judaism people worship the Yahweh. The Islamic people worship Allah.

These are the symbols of the three religions.
These are the three places of worship
These are the three spiritual leaders
This is Jesus from the christian religion