#SpringBreak #2K15
My name is Maddie Hassett. I am 13 but will be turning 14 shortly. I was born on May 1, 2001 in Fountain Valley, California. I moved to Washington when i was 8 years old. I also have two dogs named Daisy and Zuri, but Zuri is my dog.

me, ally, and sami
kare bear
hailey (aka shortie)

Above are my closest friends.

As for my spring break this year, there were only a few exciting things to happen...

First, the day before easter, my close friend Ally Taylor spent the night.

Then I spent easter with my cousins.

On Monday I painted a wall in my room as an accent wall. It's teal.

Then on thursday night and saturday night I went to see movies called the longest ride and fast and furious 7, with some friends of mine.

Friday night I had another of my close friends named Gracie Miller spend the night and we had a really good time. (video below)

Actual picture of my dog i found on google

Above is a picture of my dog zuri whos birthday was on sunday! As was my dads(: