Minneapolis Public Schools

Ramsey Middle School

Finding the place between the WWW and your Middle School student's learning needs.

As an experienced middle school teacher, a mother of a fifth grader at Burroughs Elementary School, and Director of Online Learning in the Education Department at St. Catherine University, I've been watching carefully to see what would unfold at Ramsey Middle School this past year. I am thrilled to say, I've been very impressed.

The curriculum I've seen creatively invests students in constructive learning activities appropriate for their future academic and work demands. Most importantly, I've witnessed caring, enthusiastic faculty working with engaged, attentive students.

This school seems remarkably forward-thinking and ready to lead other educators in several critical areas for our communities future success: Our classrooms need to be using technology as a tool for learning, not as toys. Our students need to be pushed to take on in-depth topics of study with meaningful interactive activities, not just worksheets. Our diverse community needs to be challenged to work side-by-side towards common objectives with the right support to ensure everyone can achieve at a high level.

Thank you to all the administrators, parents, teachers, and students that have created this inviting new community school environment in South Minneapolis.  


Siri Anderson, Ed.D.

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