Transferring and transforming energy

By: Trenton Villines

The peanuts, BBQ chips, and the popcorn  shows chemical energy all food has chemical energy. It changes to mechanical because you use it for energy later.

Electrical is obviously the lighting. The heat well it heats up everything it touches. Electrical to heat.

This one is Electrical to radiant because the microwave uses electricity to radiant energy to make you food.

This shows nuclear to heat by blowing up a nuclear  bomb and letting off heat. Nucular to heat

Mechanical to sound. The windmill is mechanical and it makes noise as it swing swings.(sound)

This is chemical (the battery) to Mechanical (the man shacking)

This is chemical (the fire) to heat (the heat given off by the fire

This is electrical to light. Light (the bulb on) Electrical (the chord in the wall)

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