By How Much Has the  Price of a Ferrari 250 GTO increased from 1982-1964 (the years the car were sold) to August, 2013?

How to find the Percent of Change:

Step #1 Take the Original Amount subtracted by the New Amount, or vice versa, and put it over the Original Amount.

Step #2 Subtract the two amounts.

Step #3 Divide the difference of the two amounts by the Original Amount.

Step #4 Multiply the quotient by 100.

Step #5 Put a percent sign after the product, there is your answer.

Average Price in 1962-1964:  $18,000

Average Price on August, 2013:  $38,100,000

The percent of changed surprised me because not only is the price 100% more or 200% more but 211,566.67%! That's a whole lot! But, considering it is an old, rare, sports car it isn't too surprising.

The website (Wikipedia) I used to find all of my information.

Above & Beyond

In 51 years, I believe that the Ferrari 250 GTO will be extremely rare, and if any Ferrari 250 GTOs are left, they will be very expensive, possibly $75,000,000. These cars are already more expensive than most cars on the market, so in 51 years they will surely be even more expensive.

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