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Graphite is a site powered by Common Sense Media which allows teachers to find websites and applications by subject area. The reviews have been written by teachers who share their classroom experiences with the reviewed application or site. You may find it much easier to search by grade level and subject area, than to peruse through the iTunes app store. is a web service that allows you to either consolidate your subscription emails or un- enroll from all subscriptions with a few clicks of the mouse. You do not have to create an account to utilize these services. Simply enter your email address after clicking "Get Started Now" and let the magic happen. I sadly had over 150 subscription services in one email account alone. Yikes!

With Job the Web you can create a collection of websites you would like for your students to view, utilize, or research all within that platform. This means your students can click on the sidebar where all sites are located without opening a new webpage or being directed to another place. Simply save the webpage (File> Save as Web Archive) on the desktop and your content will await them. Similar sites exist, such as Live Binder, Symbaloo, and Lesson Paths. However, this site has minimal navigation necessary for students. That makes it a plus, plus!

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