The Setting


The Lorax

Setting: The surroundings or environment of anything.

Stories happen in many different places. Stories can happen in the past, present, future or even in some magical place outside of our world.

As I read this story to you I want you to draw what you see in your head. What is the story describing to you? Draw it for me so I can see.

1. Essential question: How does the setting impact the story?

2. Objectives: Students will be able to understand what the setting is and how it furthers the story along. I will see this by how they explain the setting to me.

3. Mini-lesson activities: I will read the story to the students as they draw what they hear. What kind of trees they see and what colors they see. They will not see the pictures in the book till the end.

4. Materials: Crayons, paper for each student and The Lorax for the teacher.

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3 years ago

Fun! I want to sit and draw!! :)

3 years ago

@pamelajimison Thank you. I thought that I could take this lesson a step further even and have them draw a setting and then write a story that happened in the setting they drew.