Please get changed after Interhouse, back into your school uniform.

9AM til 10AM - Reading comprehension

Click onto the below button to find your task.  Complete the answers in your English books.

Read a book if you finish early.

10.20AM til 12.20AM - IPC/English

Task 1 - Complete your research on your time line.  This should take 30 minutes.

Task 2 - Get into a group of 3 - You must work with some one who is doing a different history than you, for example, one Ancient Egyptian, one Chinese, and one Arabian history.

Task 3 - Write a script for a short Horrible Histories film.

It should contain a 1 minute scene on each of the histories covered in your group. Your film should be 3 minutes long when all of the scenes have been brought together.

Use the story board to help create your play.

Use the below to help you with your script writing.



MATHS - Data handling

Children to choose their level.

L3/4 - Identify ways of collecting and presenting data to answer a question - Page 70 and 71 Collins 5C.

L5/6 - Collect and record continuous data and suggest appropriate frequency graph. Page 62 and 63 Collins 5B.

Complete in your maths books - L/I I can represent data in a graph.