What does a person in this career have to have?

person in this career have to have a hard working motive.They have to have a mind that says they want to win. There expected to give all they got every play every down all game. To be the best you can be you have to work. You have to be better than you own teammate or hell show more work and dedication and take your spot. This career take HEART.

What skills are needed for this career?

The skills needed to be on the level expected are you is to your position. if you a W.R. you are expected to be able to catch . If you are a H.B. you are expected to be fast and see . Have a good vision on where you going. If you are a Q.B. you are expected to be able to read the defense and call an audible . You have a certain expectation to anything you do on the field.

What academic GPA is needed to play for the college of your choice?

Playing football you focus would be to be playing college football . after that your focus turns to being able to play in the league. The one certain college i want to go to is florida. i like the florida team i really want to play for the gators . the requirements needed to make it into this college is a gpa of 3.8-4.3 . Another college i see myself playing for is texas a&m . the gpa that needs to reached to play there would be 3.2-3.5. i believe that they have a pretty good football team and i would play for them .

Depending on your academics , your skills, and dedication you could get a contract of 7 years with a pay of 126.7 million dollars. there has been player with 351 million dollars come in their salaries for playing for several years .

How could you get this job? How could this job die out?

Getting a job in this career is very tough. Being able to compete on this level says that you have real talent. To get looked at you have to play high school then college and you have to give it your all because without its making it harder. Its only one job just many teams to play on. This career could go either way because there's many ways to die out on it. Getting hurt you could lose your career. Retire comes to be another way your career could die.

How could this career appeal to someone else?

This career would appeal to someone because its what they're good at and what they love. This career is a fun thing and exiting herat rage . it gets you pumping on your feet.Some people play for the pay. i mean i would do it for the love of the sport.

What is another simular career to your chosen one?

Another similar career would be basketball it takes the same energy but its faster play.

What caught your interest in this sport?

hat interest me in this sport would be the excitement . football is a very physical sport . I think if i work hard enough i would be a good fit i have the size and the talent to play on the level once it's reached .

Do you see yourself doing this in the future?

Playing football is a rush it makes me feel alive. Its something i see myself doing for a very long time . i just gotta work hard keep my mind set on what i want and i can achieve the ultimate goal for playing in the league on national television .

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