Alexander Graham Bell

The first telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell. This invention changed the world because now people could communicate even when they are away from each other. Also the telephone will advance the world in the future. In the present the telephone is a huge part of most people's daily lives.

This invention is the lightbulb, it was invented by Thomas Edison. The lightbulb was a very important invention in the world. Without it there wouldn't be lights in every room, and you couldn't see in the dark. Everyday you probably use more that 10 lightbulbs during the course of the day.

The periodic table was invented by Dmitri Mendeleev. This invention is important because it organizes the chemical elements. Also the way the table is organized it helps us understand the different chemical properties of all of the elements.

This invention was created by Nicolaus Otto. This invention is important because it changes the way things were made and run by engines. It creates a new way for engines to run, and makes it easier and efficient to use. In the present almost every vehicle is ran by a gasoline engine.

This invention was created by John Milne. This was the first seismograph created. This invention has changed the world because when an earthquake is happening it can tell how bad it is. Now when an earthquake has happing we can tell people about it so they are safe.

The first dishwasher was invented by Josephine Cochrane. This invention has changed the world by making it easier to wash dishes. People around the world now do not have to hand wash their dishes anymore they can have it done automatically. This is on of the things that make our lives easy.

This invention has changed the work in a very important way. This has help improve the way people use transportation. Now in the present most people use their car everyday to get to where they need to go. The car is still changing the work now in the present.

The first camera was invented by Louis Daguerre . The camera has impacted the world because people can capture their moments in a picture. This is a important invention because people take photos all the time. The camera is still improving today and even now has front facing cameras for "selfies".

The first plane that had took flight was invented by the Wright Brothers. They have also changed the way transportation is used because now people can get from far away in faster timing. Now you can fly around the world in record timing because of this invention. The plane is a huge way to get to where you need to go if it is far away.

The first typewriter was invented by Christopher Latham Sholes. This invention was big earlier in time. This made it so people could write letter and things like that easier. Now you didn't have to hand write everything you could type it. Which made it easier and created a more formal way to have papers made.

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