Oskar Schindler

back ground info on Schindler - Oskar Schindler was born on April 28, 1908. Schindler studied engineering in grammar school.  Schindler was expected to follow in his fathers footsteps and take over the family farm plant.

issues/Event/Person-Schindler was in Germany during the time of wwII. Schindler owned various factories that he used to save Jewish people. Schindler used the Jews to work in his factories, he treated them with respect. Many places and factories tortured the Jewish people while they worked, Schindler bought Jewish people to try to save them from going and being tortured at concentration camps, or other German factories. Schindler was part of the Nazi party, Schindler didn't want the other Germans to know that his factories were a safe haven for the Jews.

Effects of the people involved-Schindler gained a lot of money from using the Jews in his factories, and the Jews were safe, but later after the war the Americans were coming after the Nazis and since Schindler was a Nazi they were coming after him. the Jewish people helped save him from the Americans.

problem- Schindler had to save the Jewish people and not let the other Nazis know what was going on in his factories. If the Germans had found out Schindler would have been executed or sent to prison and his Jews would have been killed.

what happened- some of Schindler's Jews were sent to Auschwitz. Schindler found out and went there and got them out, he risked his life to get them. Schindler told the people in charge of the camp that there was a mistake and that they worked for his factory, it was the first time in Auschwitz history that a group of prisoners were freed.

topics- after the war Oskar Schindler was broke after the war. Schindler spent everything, all of his money went to help the Jewish people. the Jews he saved came back to Schindler and tried to repay him for everything he did to help them. Schindler's factories were not making any money, because he would sabotage the equipment  he made for the German army so they couldn't use it.

subtopics-There was interviews of the Jews that Schindler saved you can find one right here at this link


A film that was based off of the testimonies of the Jews that Schindler saved was made it starred Liam Neeson and the whole movie was filmed in black and white, the director thought that the "holocaust wasn't a colorful period, the film shouldn't be in color'


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