Stable Food Suply

They lived by the Nile River because it was way to dry anywhere else. The Nile River helped them water crops and make a good farm. The farmers grew lettuce, onions, peas, garlic, cucumber, squash, wheat, and barley. they made bread from all of the grains they collected.

social structure

The ranking pyramid shows that the Pharaoh is the highest, and then the Vizers ,then the high middle witch would be the High priests and the nobles the next class down would be the Officials and the scribes. After the Officials and scribes the second to last is the Craftsmen. Last but not least is the Slaves, labourers and the peasants.


In ancient Egypt pyramids were very important because they would put the pharaoh and the very important people that died in a tombs that go in the pyramids. Mummies were important to the ancient Egypt religion because it was their way of preserving for the dead. Pharos were very important to the ancient Egypt culture because the pharos were like a president or like a king. Gods were also part of the ancient Egypt culture because they were like Jesus but different names and there were over 2000 gods. The temples were made for the gods.


One art of ancient Egypt is making sculptors , they made very different sculptors and statues from us because they made like a human head and a animal body. They also made tablets that they would write on. They used dishes with special delicates.

System of Government

The ancient Egyptian's where ruled by a single man titled the Pharaoh. The people treated and looked up to the pharaoh not only as a king or man but a god. Also the Clergy had a lot of pull in what went on or happened in Egypt. The government officials included the vizier, or the prime minister, the chief treasurer, the tax collector, the minister of public works, and the army commander.


Ancient Egypt had many sources of technology but one is the water wheel. The water wheel was a wheel that carried water up the sides of it. Another source of technology the Egyptians had was hieroglyphics. Hieroglyphics was writing in Egypt because their writing was symbols.

Written Language

The written language for ancient Egypt is hieroglyphics. Hieroglyphics is symbols that the Egyptians knew what it meant. It was on a lot of the Egyptians walls and inside the pyrimids.

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