The Daily Responsibilities of the Monarch

Responsibilities of the Monarch

A Monarch/King had a lot on his plate before even being crowned. As soon as he does have that fine piece of jewelry on his head there is even more to do. A Monarch does some of our everyday jobs such as he serves a judge. A Monarch also did things such as checking over his land. He always had to be ready in case any invaders came so he could lead the army. Before becoming the Monarch and during he would often have to train so he could be ready for battle. He also got to just sit on his throne sometimes. He would occasionally have to meet someone. A Monarch also had to sometimes go to a place in his kingdom to make sure everything was going smoothly and that they still respected him. If the king had children he would also have to make sure they were being taken care of. Now I know this is only 8, but a king had to do even more than this.

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