LISD is now accepting applications for an upcoming "Becoming a Google Educator or Authorized Google Education Trainer" session.  This fast-paced three-day advanced workshop will provide participants the opportunity to become more knowledgeable users of Google applications while preparing for the official Google certification exams. Over the course of the three days, participants will learn about specific GAFE tools, gain integration ideas for the classroom, and take five certification exams (Gmail, Calendar, Docs & Drive, Sites, and Chrome Browser).


This session is for staff looking to facilitate future trainings on their campus and/or throughout LISD.  Attendees must be familiar with the applications in the suite (mail, calendar, drive, documents, sheets, forms, slides, drawings, and sites), and have prior experience using these tools in an educational capacity.


    The three-day course will be conducted as follows: 90-minute fast-paced instruction with some hands on exercises and a 90-minute test on 60 questions on a Google service. This will repeat four more times over the course of the three days. The 90-minutes of instruction may touch on a few basics, but will mainly highlight unknown features, advanced tips, and potential test content. We will also not teach to the test but instead share concepts that are valuable beyond the exams.

    Session Highlights:

    • Session is 3 days, 8-4:30
    • Must pass 5 certification exams with 80% or higher
    • Each exam is 90 minutes
    • Passing all exams earns you Google Educator certification status for 12 months

    After Session:

    • Use your knowledge to facilitate learning on your campus and/or within LISD.
    • Become a Google Certified Trainer (not a mandatory step for participation in the sessions and is voluntary)
    • Google Certified Trainer status has additional requirements
    • Apply for Certified Trainer Status within 12 months
      • Complete Case Study
      • 2 minute biography video
      • Record of PD or Tech training
      • Evidence of Educational Technology expertise
    • Pass single refresher exam 12 months after passing the original exams
    • MUST hold 3 training sessions per quarter

The Details

Session Dates:  March 18-20, 2015 (campuses will be responsible for covering any needed substitutes)

Location: Career Center East

Ensuring your seat: If you are interested in this session, complete the following steps:

1. Send an email to your principal/supervisor with the text below (insert your name) asking them to:

  • Forward the email to Ann Crosby at

"My staff member, _______________, has permission to attend the 3-day training on March 18-20, 2015. I agree to pay for any necessary subs for my participant. After attending this session, my staff member will offer trainings on my campus or throughout LISD. This could consist of small group during planning time, staff meetings, district day sessions, summer sessions, or other methods agreed upon with participant."

2. Complete the Google Form

3. There is limited seating for this session, seats are first come first serve basis (with some limits to ensure equal district distribution) upon receipt of principal/supervisor email and completed Google form.  All participants will be notified on status of enrollment as soon as all criteria are met.

Please complete your submission by Friday Feb. 27, 2015.