Too cute for you!

This is a picture of me and my dog last year. In this of me and my dog we were just playing around with the camera.  And my dog is also three years old almost 4 now and he still acts like he is 5 months old.  

3 interesting things

Social Media

I could never live without this...

Without social media I don't know what I would do without it. So social media is one of the best things created (yet). If I never had this I would not be able to communicate with long distance family.  The world needs this to communicate with long distance family members.


Looks like a chromebook.

Without this technology some people would not be able to go on there social media. And also they would not be able to talk to there long distance family. Also computers have been out for quite awhile now. And without this everyone would have to call each other to talk to each other.


Cutest dog in the world "I'm spoiled by my owners."

I could never ever live without a dog because they are so cute. In fact I actually have a dog named Jakers. He actually is an Australian shepherd / chocolate lab mix. He was adopted at the age of 10 weeks. And also he was the runt of all of the puppies, but now he is so huge. He is now almost 4 years old and he still acts like a baby. If I could I would get some more dogs. He also acts like a lap dog and he goes crazy once he hears someone near the door and jumps on them and it's like he is giving them a hug.


  • One goal is to graduate from school.
  • Another goal for me is to get great/amazing grades.
  • My third goal is to enjoy what I have in life.
  • My last and final goal is to become a math teacher.

Place to visit

Aloha hawaii

I would want to go here because I always wanted to come here. If I had a chance I would come here and stay for awhile. I would want to see what it feels like living down there. It is also a place for tourists.

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