7.MEH.22 Stress Management

My Mom

How I Manage This

My mom usually makes me angry which results to me being stressed out because i have to worry about things more than I should. Whenever I'm doing something my mom is always trying to make do something else. Ex: I was doing some things my mom told me to do before i go to bed, and this was around 10 pm. When i was almost done she told me to go to bed which caused an argument since i didn't finish what i was doing.

Whenever we argue I just nod my head when I get tired of arguing with her. I usually end up walking to my room or if we're not at home i just ignore her until i calm down.


When my friends stress me out it usually depends on my attitude at the moment, but when they actually stress me out it's because they might be fighting with another friend of mine. I get more stressed out when my friend's ignore me, it makes me think about if I offended them without knowing or if they just don't like me anymore.


School stresses me out with homework and other assignments. When I have a group project but my group isn't actually trying to help puts more stress on me, when I have to cut some of the things i do after school to work on the assignment.

How I Deal With This Stress

Whenever i'm stressed out i usually end up taking a nap or eating my favorite food which takes my mind off of what i'm stressed about it.

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