The Toxoplasma Parasite

The toxoplasma parasite lives in the flesh of animals, from mice to cattle. It infects other things that eat them such as humans.

Everyone is in danger when it comes to the toxoplasma parasite. Probably the two main ways to be infected by it, is eating contaminated or raw meat, or drinking contaminated water. So, remember to avoid these things.

If you're a pregnant woman, you should avoid cat feces or you might catch toxoplasmosis. Toxoplasmosis is the disease that the toxoplasma parasite can give you, and if you're pregnant, then you might give it to your baby, so take extra precautions. If you do happen to catch toxoplasmosis during pregnancy, there is medication you can take.

If you have toxoplasmosis, you may experience little things like headaches, muscle pains, or sore throats. People with weaker immune systems could experience things such as confusion, fever, or even seizures.

The incubation period for toxoplasmosis is 5-23 days, so it could take awhile to know if you have it.

This video talks about a few things that you need to know about toxoplasmosis.

In this video, a lady is interviewed about being pregnant while owning a cat, and the dangers of catching toxoplasmosis. It also give some good tips for pregnant women on how to avoid getting toxoplasmosis during pregnancy.

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