The best investment for Spain

Resource Proposal from England's Srista Tripathi

It is the year 1544

  Your majesty, King Henry VII of Spain, I am Srista Tripathi from the noble city of England. I am here because I have heard that you are in need of certain resources, such as spices for trading, gold for wealth, territory and claim on new countries for power. The reason I believe you would be interested in investing me to travel to the new world is because my crew and I can bring these resources to you from the new world.

  Also, since Spain does not have many natural resources, I have located an area in the new world that has millions of forests to cut down trees and other natural appliances.  An easily found capital that is in great demand would be land. There is plenty of territory in the new world, according to our accurate maps. I would like to present these supplies to you, because they are very useful, and can be found easily in the area we are going to search in.

   I'm sure you are probably wondering how I would receive these supplies if other tribes, cities, and cultures are in a race, for instance, the Natives, along with France and England.  They would most probably be looking for gold, territory, and natural resources, which are things we are searching for as well.  So, to handle the conflict against the Natives, I would try to make peace with them, or find them other places to live, so Spain can claim that territory.  I assume the only way to claim resources from other Europeans are to fight war with them, which isn’t a first choice but negotiation probably can’t be done. Yes, a few obstacles may occur such as the Native Americans and other countries wanting to claim the power and riches for their countries, which would result in a large war.

  Yes, you are probably wondering why I chose the new world. Now, I will tell you that I chose it, because  it is rich in natural resources at this time, and territory can be easily found, because of the massive amount of land in the continent.

Thank you King Henry, for your time, and I hope you invest in my plan to collect capital and natural resources for Spain.

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