Development of the European Community

By: Lisa, Ankit, and Lauren

De Gaulle

Charles de Gaulle from France wanted Europe to act as a third force in world affairs.

He was dissatisfied with the international order from the leaders in Moscow and Washington.

De Gaulle and many others believed that France could never gain great power status if it constantly dependent on the U.S. For military protection.

De Gaulle questioned the U.S's credibility on defending Europe from Soviet attacks.

They were also concerned over a nuclear confrontation between the superpowers, unrelated to Europe, that could force Europe to join due to its alliance.

The French rejected a partial nuclear test ban treaty that had been signed by the Soviet Union, Great Britain, and the United States.

The French decided to disengage themselves from NATO and developed an independent nuclear strike force.

They soon detonated their first atomic bomb in the Sahara desert.

However, the military doctrine and capability was not able to convince Europe to leave the military protection of the U.S. and de Gaulle's plan disappeared once he died.

European Community

Parts of Europe began trying to get their independence through promoting economic growths and integration.

The six representative nations, France, West Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxemburg, signed the Treaty of Rome.

This established the European Economic Community.

Years later, the Masatricht treaty of 1993 established the European Union.

They dismantled tariffs and other barriers of free trade within the group.

Eventually the EU grew sufficient enough to where they surpassed the standard if living in the United States

Other treaties helped create the long range goal within the group and it was soon established as the European Union.

Europe's growing independence changed the relationship between Europe and the U.S., shown mostly in 1973 when all of the NATO  members except Portugal denied the USA planes landing rights for when they were shipping arms to Israel during their war.


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