Mobile Apps for Students

Listed Below are a list of helpful mobile apps that can be used by students in the classroom.


This is an app that allows for teachers to ask their students questions that can be answered through their mobile phone. It offers multiple different frameworks for different quizzes that you can create for the purpose that you want to use the quiz for. This includes one framework called the Space Race Game, this game puts your class into teams and is a race to get answers right, a fun additional option.

Shakespeare Pro

Allows you and your students to access any Shakespeare play on their mobile device. Going to a specific Act and verse of the play making it easy to read from and so that your students always have access to the play in class. .


This is a great site that allows students to write down any and all of their notes, collect other information from websites or written notes by taking snapshots and a great, easy feature that allows the notes you have taken in a given section to be transformed into a great looking presentation. This is an all in one place app that will save students lots of time and give them a collaborative place to have their school notes. CLICK HERE to view the website page for more information.

Google Docs

This is a great app that allows you to create and edit on-line documents. It continually auto saves, allows you to share your documents with others via their email account and has a messenger component that makes group work easy. A cool feature of this app is you can see when those who you have shared this document with are also on-line and you can see where their cursor is and watch while they type on the document. This is a great collaborative on-line resource for students.

Study Blue

This is the top free flashcard app that allows you to create customized flashcards and share them with your classmates. A great resource for students when they are studying for an exam. Can promote collaboration too if students work together on creating the flashcards for a subject or unit and then share them which each other.

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