Mirela Munteanu, Constanta, Romania

Hello everybody,
My name is Mirela Munteanu and I teach English to elementary and middle school students, at Dan Barbilian School from Constanta, Romania. I have been teaching English for 24 years , so I could say " teaching is a way of being" for me and I enjoy working with children.
I am married and I have two sons, one of them is almost 30 and has just married and the other one is 26. They both like English and using the Internet.
Well, my city is one of the largest in Romania, situated on the Black Sea Coast. It attracts lots of tourists every summer and it's one of the largest maritime ports in Europe.
I am very excited about taking part in this project and making new friends. My students are also looking forward to cooperating with children from other countries!
The pictures above represent two landmarks o our city, the Casino building and the Ovidiu Square with the Archaeology Museum.
The photo below was taken in November, in class 6B, where I am also a form master.
I wish you all a fruitful collaboration!

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