Bread of Life Discourse

(John 6)

Jesus stood in front of the crowds who awaited for him to speak, but Jesus knew that they were not interested in him, just the food that he had given them earlier. He tells them to not work for food that perishes but food that is everlasting.

Jesus tells the crowds that he is the Bread of Life and those that follow will not hunger and join him in heaven. However, the Jews did not see Jesus as being divine. They thought Jesus' father was Joseph. So they left.

Jesus moves on and reveals that they must eat him to enjoy life in heaven. However, this did not fly with some of the disciples. They weren't thinking that Jesus was going to be on the menu for dinner so after knowing that, they left. Only the 12 were left.

Jesus looks at his Apostles and they respond saying "this is weird, but you're the Man so we will stick by you". Then Jesus reveals that one of them will betray him and singles out Judas.

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