Country Name: Bangladesh

Capital: Dhaka

Population: 156.6 million

Type of Government: Unitary state, Parliamentary system

Leader’s Name: Abdul Hamid

Type of Economy: Market economy

Type of Currency: Bangladeshi taka

Currency compared to the dollar: 1 Bangladeshi Taka equals 0.013 US Dollar

Country’s GDP per capita: $1,750

Country’s GDP Rank in the World: $256 billion

Literacy Rate: 57.7%, age 15 and over can read and write

Life Expectancy M/F:

total population: 70.65 years

male: around 68 years

female: around 72 years

Official Language: Bengali

3 Tourist Attractions (Give description on what you can do there):

  • One tourist attraction is the Kuakata and that is located in Patuakhali, the tip of Bangladesh. It has a beautiful beach and you can watch the sun set and rise. Access to the area is very difficult because it is such a popular place.
  • Another tourist attraction is the Sundarbans. It is filled with swamps, rivers, and mangrove forests. In the Sundarbans there are tigers, cheetahs, spotted deers, monkeys, pythons, wild bears and hyenas. While your there you can relax and enjoy the wildlife and nature.
  • The Rangamati is another tourist attraction. It is a holiday destination. It has a beautiful lake and landscape. It also is a very popular place to go to.

3 Important Historical Events that happened in this country (Give date and explanation on what happened:

  • Bangladesh became an independent state 1971, February 21. They became independent after a clarion call for liberation struggle was made following the brutal crackdown of the Pakistani Armed forces at midnight of 25th March, 1971.
  • Dr. Younus was awarded in 2006 for the Nobel Peace Prize for helping poverty. He was helping the poor people.
  • In 1971 Sheikh Mujib became prime minister. He attempted to help and improve living standards with only little success.

Current Event (What is an issue taking place in the country today):

Over 26 million children live below the poverty line. They do not have a lot of fresh water, nutrition, shelter, and health. Also they do not have good education. High school drop outs and poor quality teaching is a serious problem there. Bangladesh is known for earthquakes and natural disasters. That is a reason why they don't have a lot of fresh water or shelter because their homes get destroyed and the water is polluted. The country faces a lot of challenges.

Do you feel your country’s economy is successful?

I do feel like the US economy is successful. But the US has a lot of dept.

What is one company located in your country?

Amanda Group

Describe what this company does.

The Ananda Group was established in 1983. The diverse business areas of the group include ship building, heavy engineering, textiles, real estate and shipping. The Ananda a group is the largest of the private ship yards in Bangladesh.

What could your country do to improve their economy?

One way to improve our economy is to create more jobs. Creating more jobs gives people more opportunities to actually have a job.

The first photo is a picture of the Bangladesh flag.

The second photo is a picture of the Kuakata.

The third photo is a picture of the Sundarbans.

The last photo is a picture of the Rangamati.

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