By: Robert and Patrick

   Hello my name is Philips and I suffer from dyslexia and epilepsy. It's a hard life having to cope with these things in my life with reoccurring seizures and not be able to do the things that normal kids can do just fine, like not being able to write,read,or doing math correctly. Dyslexia is mostly a language based brain disability, while epilepsy is more with seizures. The seizures can sometimes cause temporary loss of temporary confusion, staring randomly, and loss of consciousness.

    There is no drug or way to prevent Dyslexia. Your simply born with dyslexia, it's not just picked up one day when you wake up. It's hereditary if you want to put it like that, it's passed down from your parents to their child but it doesn't always pass down to the child but it usually does.

    Epilepsy has no full cure but it has treatments and medicine to help with it and control it better. Epilepsy can be passed down or can be obtained by damage to the head and brain.

    At least 80 percent of the people who are diagnosed with it can be treated with modern day medicine but not fully cured. Surgery occurs with it when its in a part of the brain that doesn't effect your speech, you vision and hearing.

      Lets talk about Dyslexia, it's more common in boys and it causes them to mess up words like bed would be deb, dog would be bog, wow would be mom and so on.

    You can find out that you have it by taking certain test and by just picking up a book and read.

    With epilepsy you can figure out that you have it by taking test. One is the EEG which is when the doctor places sensors on your scalp. You can take a CT scan which uses x rays to obtain images of your brains and you can take an MRI which uses magnets and radio waves to create a detailed view of your brain.  

    Dyslexia symptoms more in detailed are it's harder for baby's to learn how to speak and organizing written language and learn letter sounds and memorizing number facts and spelling and reading.

    If you suffer from these symptoms you may have one of these disabilities.




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