Transportation In Raleigh

Transportation in Raleigh is mostly self driving. There are buses, but not to everywhere. NC State has wolflines, but not on weekends. There is only a driver on the bus, no conductor because you don't need to pay for Wolflines, nor CAT lines if you are a NC State student.

Bus drivers are nice and friendly. They greet to everyone and say "have a good day" when you get off if you say "Thank you". But they don't usually report the bus stops. You need to know which stop you are getting off and pull the string before the bus arrives. Otherwise you will go to the terminal stop. But, something has changed since we arrived here. Some bus drivers started to report the bus stops. I guess it's because they have noticed that there are a lot of Chinese students and Indian students this semester.

Even though the drivers don't report, we have some other options to solve this. Apps! We have TransLoc to help ourselves. You can locate your bus on the map and know how long it will take to get to where you are as long as you can access to wifi or have data plan on your smart phone.

Centennial Parkway at Avent Ferry (Burger King)

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