Avery Garris

Writing about Meditation

The three activities we learned were breathing, relaxing story, and a wave relaxation. Breathing was when learned to breathe properly and sit up nice and straight. We did 1 minute sessions. Mr. Hallkuff read us a relaxing story and we had to imagine it in our minds. In the story we had to plant 3 good seeds and turn 3 bad things into rocks. At the very end we did a wave relaxtion thing. A lady talked to us and told us to pretend a wave was going down our body. She told us to just relax and sooner or later I was asleep.

Before meditation I felt a little weird because I didn't really think it would work. I also felt weird because I didn't really know how to meditate and I had never done it before. During meditation I was feeling very relaxed and chilled. I also felt very giggly because I sat beside Caroline and she was making laugh a little. After we learned the steps of meditation I was more relaxed and felt better about myself. I would try to meditate again on my own. I liked it because it felt very relaxing and made me less worried and stressed. I would definitional try it before a big test to help me relax and calm down. Another thing I would use it for would be before bedtime because sometimes I get really wounded up.


Meditation- a relaxing and calming activity to help with stress.

Mantra- I word you say when you breathe out during meditation usually the word om.

Deep Breathing- A breathing method that you use during meditation. Instead of breathing through your chest you breathe from your belly.

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