Oil Spill Project

By: Riley Berkland and Damian Theoharidis

Bird's eye view on a chunk of the oil spill

Why should we care?

      We should care alot about this issue because it is a leaking pipe under the ocean contently pumping oil into the water. It happened in 2010 and is still a big issue today, animals like birds can barley fly due to the thick layer of oil covering their bodies. Back when the issue started workers reported they hadn't seen a dime. "It's like Monopoly money..." a worker reported. What would I do if I were in charge of this? I would do it like this...

How did we approach this issue?

     We approached the issue by looking at the shape and splitting it into separate shapes, making them the biggest as possible then covering the rest with smaller shape. Next we found the area of all the separate shapes and covered them to miles. And finally we added them all together to figure out the are of the huge oil spill shape.

Total Area of the Spill

          The total area we got for the spill is 755.884 and we think it is not the exact area of the oil spill shape we received. We believe the total was too big.

How accurate do you think you polygons are from the actual spill area

We think the answer for the area we got was too large because we were suppose to get around 500, when we got 700+.

Here was our work