Canadian shield

Canada is a country with great places or regions it has many attractions, activities, entertainment etc, so on my tackk presentation i will be giving lots of information on my landform region Canadian shield. The info i will be putting are climate of the region, natural disaster, vegetation, landscape of Canadian shield and many more, the one highlighted in green in the pic below is the canadian shield.


Since there is so many locations i mean like places and provinces in the Canadian shield it depends where you are because the Canadian shield is the largest landscape region in Canada, its almost 2 thirds of ontario and has a total area of 4.8 million squares kilometres, in the southern ontario the average high temperature was between 25 to 28 degrees celsius the average low temperature was between -8 degrees to 0 degrees, in the northern Canadian shield like (NWT) Northwest Territories has an average low temp of -35 and an average high temp of 15 degrees celsius. The northern part of the Canadian shield gets about 45cm of precipitation each year because of the location, summers have days that are very long  about 18.5 hours and winter 5.5 hours, the Canadian shield has long hot summers and cold short winters.


The Canadian shield covers most of Canada this is why it is the largest region of the other 6 region. The Canadian shield has rocky surfaces because millions of years ago it had a process of erosion, ice age, water, glaciers and also wind broke down the mountains which now made most of the rocky surfaces flat, the region has lots of lakes, streams, rivers, ponds, mountains etc for you to tour around, the land is good for you to ski, snowboard and to sled down snowy hills, The region is covered by sedimentary rocks that were formed by igneous rocks that were compress over thousands of years ago. The region is mostly cold making it easier to pressurize the rocks together.


The vegetation in the Canadian shield is different then the other regions the plants that live there are mostly trees, because they are more suited to the thin and sandy soil, it has many wetlands and bogs this region has a short growing season, which produces short skinny trees crops usually don't survive because the growing season is too short. Canadian shield has many types of trees like birch, black and white spruce, hemlock, aspen, tamarack, pine etc these types of vegetation grow in the region because the weather and soil suits these types of trees. The most thing that people like to do there are boating, dogsled riding, fishing, hunting, etc


Canadian shield had many changes due to erosions, wind, glaciers, rising and falling these changes cause rocks now to become more stable. The rocks are igneous, which are rocks that have been formed from magma cooling and hardening into igneous rocks. examples of igneous rocks are basalts, granite and diorites another one is metamorphic rocks, metamorphic is rock that was once one form of rock but has changed to another because of heat and pressure, examples of metamorphic rocks in the Canadian shield are  garnet, marble and schist and there are many more, Some of the rocks are over 2 billion years old.

Human activities

There are many attraction or activities in the Canadian shield that you would like to do examples are skiing, boating, any sports, hunting, theme parks, zoo, museum, etc  Canadian shield has many recreational activities for you to be entertained my favourite is Wonderland but also if you want it to be climate wise int the winter go snowboarding or skiing the climate supports this, there is about 1000mm-1200mm of snow in the winter this is a great activity in the winter.

Influence of Climate change

The climate is changing and that is causing different weather temperature making it cold some times and very hot the other. The climate change affects the tourist attraction because if the weather is cold they will visit for winter sports like skiing, tobogganing snowboarding, etc, and if it gets hot the tourist will do things like swimming and camping. The change in the climate will increase the amount of people visiting the country. In the winter because you get about 1000mm-1200mm of snow it wont affect much in the winter.

Natural Disaster

The weather in the Canadian shield has a air mass and it increase the chance of tornado's or hurricane. Other then that the Canadian shield is a safe region to live it, but it may affect in winter like an avalanche for example avalanche is a large mass of snow that moves quickly down a mountain at approximately 80mph getting hit by these could cause death or a serious injury.


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