The Oil Slick: Area Project by       Cami Lowery

          I had approached the problem by finding the area of the shapes one by one. I  started off with the triangles, then the circle, and finally the squares and rectangles. Afterwards, I chosen to write my answers down on a sheet, while doing my work at the same time. I had found that a lot easier, and I moved along a lot quicker than I expected.

1.)     While taking a second look at the polygons, (not including the circle)  I think my area is not the exact measure of the space affected by the spill, but I do think it is close to be exact.

2.)     Even though I don't think the area is not the exact measure, I do think that my area is accurate. I would most likely expect my answer to be a little less than the actual area.

3.)     After measuring the different quadrilaterals, and adding the areas' all together, I have come up with a total of 24265.75.

4.) The total area for all of the shapes added together, the total area of the oil spill is  30,331.15

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