A new way to grow bone

I chose this video because I found it very interesting that they are changing the way of medicine from a very painful procedure of removing bone from one part of the body and placing it elsewhere in the body. The video relates to what we are learning because we are learning about bones and what they are made up of and this video is explaining a new stem cell that harnesses bone’s innate ability to regenerate and produces vast quantities of bone tissue that is painlessly.


1."So we take that periosteum layer and we developed a way to inject underneath it a liquid that then, within 30 seconds, would turn into quite a rigid gel and can actually lift the periosteum away from the bone". (Stevens)

2. " You can see the weakness, so actually now the surgeon can come along, can harvest away that new bone, and the periosteum can grow back, And you can grow different amounts of bone depending on how much gel you put in there, so it really is an on demand sort of procedure".

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