High School Wrestling Takedown Points

Wrestling is not what you see on TV.  High school wrestling is Greco-Roman in style, and involves grappling and takedowns.  The above picture shows a one-legged takedown.  It is worth 2 points in a match.

This is a switch, and is worth 2 points in a match.  The switch is used to move yourself off the bottom and to earn more points.  The switch can be very painful; you may even find yourself with a broken arm.

This a half.  A half is used to roll the opponent over onto his back to allow you to try for the pin.  Even if the move does not result in a pin, you can still earn 3 points.

  • This picture above is a Double-takedown.  Double-takedown used for take the opponent to the mat. Once you get him onto the mat, you receive 2 points for taking him down.

This picture above is called the chicken wing. When your oppenent is stalling and not moving you grab his  arms and put them behind his back and roll him over. This can maybe be a pin or points. This is worth up to 3 points if you hold him on him back for at least 5 seconds.

This picture above is a baller chain. If the man stalling and not moving you just take your hand put one under his leg and one on top of his head. Then you put pressure on his head and balls then you just left and flip him over for a pin fall or points.

This picture above is called a tip. A tip is something you use when you down by points or up by points, you can use this to default your oppentent and worth 2 or 3 points depends on how long you hold him on his back. Also you can keep doing this move over and over until you tired of earning points.

This picture above its called ankler pick. When the match begen you can ankle pick your oppentent and get a normal 2 points for a takedown. When you go into over time you can quickly use this move.

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