Water In A Desert?


We has time traveled back to 600 C.E. now you have to rely on my tips. When you are in the oasis you might want to take advantage of the water that so you can make crops. And after you make those crops you can trade them for goods from other people. In an oasis they have palm leaves that give you shade that so you don't overheat. You can us palm wood to build yourself a house. And you can make a well that so any outside object that you don't want in your drinking water because you don't want sand, dust and other object in your water.

Floating Pieces of land from the 7 seas

Coastal Plaines

Now we are way past the oasis we are in the coastal plains you need to collect as much water as you can you don't know how long you can last. In an oasis you can find palm leaves and makes shade that so you can not get that hot. This is one of the good places to farm because you have water. And you need to collect rain water because all of the water there is salt water.

life In A Sandbox


First tip while you walking the desert you have to wear loose clothing so you do not get so hot.  Your might want to collect rain because it does not rain that much in the desert.  And you might want a tent because the temperatures are unpredictable it could be 100 degrees Fahrenheit at noon and be below zero at night time. Use camels for transportation because you might not want to walk all the way threw the desert. You might want to travel in a caravan for protection a caravan is a group of people traveling one place to another.



You can make your house out of mud bricks that so you can have shelter. You need to grow your crops in a steep slope because it is a flat area on a mountain. And put rain into storage containers because you do not get so much rain on a mountain.

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