What is it? Why use it?

Tackk is the newest format to
creatively share anything on the web.

Tackk allows you to customize and edit your message the moment you visit the homepage. Simply click and start typing. There is no login required. It's just like tacking a flyer to a telephone pole.

Tackk about what you learned. Tackk about the story's main idea. Tackk about what you did on vacation. Tackk about your best friend. You can Tackk about everything.

You can edit the title, text, and picture. You can change the theme. You decide what it looks like and what it should say.

You can use it to share important information.

Advantages of this tool are.... It is easy to use. There is no logging in required to edit. Its quick. You can add buttons that link to other places quick and easy.

Disadvantages.... You need to create a free account and login to save tackks.

You can share the projects using a url link that is created.


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