The Seven Themes Related to Our World Today .

By: Michael Sommese

  Help  The Poor and Sick

This means that we as human should care and respect for people around us . Also we shouldn't judge people of what social class they come from.

This organization  Akshaya Trust helps homeless people in India . Homeless people in India make a big percentage of the country of India . This organization provides food and shelter for them .

Helping Communities and Show Respect

This theme means that we should help our communities by making them a safer place for people to live there . Also this means that people should help the poor in your community .

  This Organization Wonca Europe helps European family who are in need . This organization also helps the poor throughout Turkey and elsewhere .


Rights and Responsibility

        This means that we should as humans should help our communities , help sick , and the poor . Also this means that that we should help our families too.

This organization is the United nations which helps people in communities and families that have faced conflict . This organization helps more than 40 countries.

Life and Dignity of the Human Person

  This means that we should help other people in our world by helping them through conflicts . Also we should help people in prisons .

This Organization Save The Children of Africa promotes peace to children all over Africa . Also this organization helps people who are in need too .

The Dignity of work and rights for Workers

This means that people should have jobs and that people should be treated fairly . Also we should make our places better for opportunities

This  organization Podemos is a Spanish organization that stops unemployment in Greece , Spain , and France .  Also this organization helps people get jobs .


This means that people shouldn't be judge where they came from . Also this means that every person should have the right for freedom .

This organization Coptic Solidarity helps Christians in Egypt . Also this organization helps many Egyptians have freedom and access to many things such as a home .

Care For God's Creation

This means that we should't kill any animals or plants . Also this means that we shouldn't harm any of the forests , rain forests , and beaches because that is what God created it for the animals.

This organization Hariban Foundation helps nature conservation in the Philippines . This organization helps protect forests , teach villagers about nature , and help bring back endangered animals .